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How To Make Money By Sharing AI Generated Images On Deviantart

Oct 25, 2023
make money with ai girls on deviantart

For a few weeks, I have been sharing images on DeviantArt with the intention to make money with AI generated images, here are the results:

Shared: 18 images

Made: $975

Started: October 17

Today: October 25

Let me explain this simple process of how to make money with AI that only takes up to 10 minutes to generate an image and post it.

You might know that you can sell art on the Deviantart website, however, the money I made wasn't for the purchases on Deviantart, instead, it was from the affiliate program of AI image generator.

IceGirlsAI is a pretty new AI image generator that focuses mainly on NSFW (not safe for work), and adult content. With this tool, you are able to generate naked girls or boys in various styles and poses. The good thing about this tool is that you are able to make ultra-realistic images in high quality so it catches people's attention so it is easy to get many views on Deviantart.

How I make money with AI images

The reason I earned so much in a short period is due to the high demand for top-quality AI porn content generators. I showcased high-quality images of hot girls on DeviantArt, and people who viewed my post found the affiliate link in the description. This link directed them to the website, where they had the option to purchase a premium role for $15. IceGirlsAI offers a 50% commission for every new customer referred, resulting in a $7.50 commission for each new member I brought in.

To make similar results here is the step-by-step process:

A step-by-step guide to making money with AI generated images

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign up as an affiliate by pressing "Become an affiliate" in the footer
  3. Get back to generator
  4. Generate ultra-realistic images of hot girls (Suggestion: get a premium role to make the images more realistic).
  5. Download the generated image by pressing "Upscale & Download" to get the best quality image.
  6. Sign in to the Deviantart
  7. Set up your profile
  8. Upload an image by pressing "Submit"
  9. Add some tags that relate to your image (for example: hotgirl, sexy, erotic, beautiful, etc.)
  10. Write the description like: "Generate similar images on IceGirlsAi" and add your affiliate link
  11. Select that the art was generated by AI
  12. Post
  13. Now repeat that process a few times per day and wait for the money to roll in

Make money on Patreon with AI generated images

The even better part is that with these images you can create your own Patreon page and promote it on the Deviantart together with the affiliate link. Here on CashCowTok, we have prepared a course on how to capitalize from AI girls and Patreon and we even provide AI-generated images so you do not need to generate them yourself. If you are interested here is the course: CashCowTok AI


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